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  1. Thanks for the information but does it really matter. Face it, people are
    showing off they have a very expensive bag. They just want the Coach Name .
    As far as the dust bag just use a pillow case. The prices of all these bags
    and especially wallets are way over priced anyway. Yes, ladies I am a man
    and I do understand that they last a long time.

  2. I’m new to Coach as we don’t have them in stores in the UK apart from the
    one I know of in London. I didn’t know that’s how to spot a factory outet
    until I saw this video. Thank you, very helpful & usefu to know. 😉 

  3. Good info. I have a few that I have gotten as gifts and one that I won from
    a giveaway. Turns out the one I won is a factory outlet bag and the rest
    are retail.

  4. they are all made to the same quality and standard, they tend to use the
    left over fabric to make factory bags, so there is no waist. I’ve shopped
    all – boutique, factory, and factory online and all the bags i have are
    awesome quality bags. As long as you take care of them, they will last you
    a lifetime.

  5. funny…I bought all 3 of my coach bags from a factory outlet and there is
    no F on either the price tag or the tag on the inside of the bag

  6. She is entitled to her opinion on her bags. Bottom line here, she is
    showing you how to look for 100% real deal retail coach bags. So, Thank

    I’ll never understand the hype over these bags, but I want to make sure
    that i’m getting the best of the best for my ~300 dollar purchase for some
    bag for my wife.

  7. I absolutely love this video, so many people are selling fake Coach bags, I
    always tell them about this video,,,you did a wonderful job of explaining
    it!!! ebay is flooded with fake coach bags I wish they could hire you to
    help them in this area!

  8. Useful info for those who care….the factory bags are real coach bags.
    Store – outlet = REAL. who care….the factory bags are real coach bags.
    Store – outlet = REAL. 

  9. This video was dumb and pointless.. Is this based on FACTS or this is you
    personal Theory. 

  10. Liked your video – thanks. Just reaching out & connecting with a fellow
    handbag lover.

  11. I rather the Coach factory outlet bags! I rather show that I spent my money
    than to buy expensive and leave a person guessing ie the tan leather

  12. Please understand this video is NOT showing you how to spot a
    fake/counterfeit. All 3 bags in this video are authentic.

    The only thing this is showing is that if there is an “F” in the 2nd part
    of the serial #, the bag was made at the coach factory specifically for the
    factory store. If the bag was made for the retail store it won’t have an
    “F” after the dash in the serial #. If it was made for a retail store but
    did not sell and got sent to a factory store, the creed will have a bullsye
    stamped on it.

    There are many different things to look at when looking at authenticity.
    This video is not about authenticity at all. This is fact about the serial
    #’s and one person’s opinion. Personally, I have owned both made for retail
    and made for factory bags and the quality is the same to me. Yes, you will
    get a better “deal” if it was made for retail and you bought it from a
    factory store BUT the bags made for retail are marked up much higher to
    begin with. 

  13. I hardly ever buy stuff online and yesterday I bought a coach bag off eBay,
    from watching your video I now know it’s a factory coach. Well the only
    reason I questioned it being authentic was bc of the quality of the
    leather. So my question is if it’s not an official coach purse does that
    just mean it’s a knockoff???

  14. Big logos are always a sign of factory brands as well. Flashy logos aren’t
    desired for lots of retail shoppers

  15. I dont know which factory outlet you go to but i went to a coach factory
    outlet at crossiron mills calgary and bought bags there and the tags you
    pointed out isnt true coz i got the tags on mine same as the “retail” tag
    you have.. The “f” i would say is true..

  16. great video!! u help me alot becuz I wanted to return a coach bag as a
    gift, then realized that I had to return it to specifically to the retail
    or outlet store and didn’t know the difference.

  17. good job! By the way, do you know the meaning of the letters and numbers on
    the upper right corner of the price tag, B4/SN for the left bag in this
    video, for instance.

  18. I bought a coach backpack at the outlet and the tag does have an “F,” does
    that mean it’s a fake bag?

  19. The factory outlet stores are NOT selling FAKE COACH bags. That is not what
    she’s saying.

  20. I got a coach bag from the outlet store and it did not have a serial number
    on the Creed itself, is that possible? Did they sell me a fake bag? On the
    receipt and on the tag that’s on the bag it has the actual serial numbers
    but nothing stamped on the actual Creed inside of the bag. Can this be

  21. I buy a lot of bags from the Outlets by me. They do not give the dust bags
    on weekends due to high volume but week days they do. I have one for almost
    all of my purses….

  22. Your MK Outlet video brought me here. Thanks for sharing. I noticed this
    years ago, now I have proof.

  23. I bought a outlet one. It was a nightmare it fell apart after finding out
    it is real I bought it 3 months ago the handles fell apart😕 glad I kept
    the bag and receipt…..never again will I buy factory and save up for the
    store ones.

  24. Just a few years back, Coach’s reputation and standing started declining
    (now with a new creative director, the brand is experiencing a resurgence),
    and this was attributed to the company’s decision to flood outlet stores
    with signature fabric bags–often mass produced. I am not
    suggesting,though, that your signature bags are not of good quality or mass

  25. Hello, I was given a small Coach purse as a gift, the tag says “Coach
    Factory”, but the price is removed. There is no Coach creed (I believe the
    bag’s simply too small), with a small pocket with a flap and a decorative
    silver button, stamped “COACH est. 1941”. There is a little Coach imprinted
    fob on the side, it’s raised, not stamped. The stitching is all even, and
    everything looks fine, but I can’t find the bag description online? The
    only tag I have is the one that says “Coach Factory”. with the number
    FS1133 on the top left, SV/BK on the top right, underneath says “SV/Black”,
    then underneath that, the barcode, then on the bottom part of the tag, “HMW
    COS POU”. Below is the removable price, which has been taken off. I’m sorry
    to trouble you, but I was just curious about the fact that I can’t find it
    online. I’ve looked through so many guides, but they all suggest looking
    for the Coach creed, which my bag doesn’t have. Thank you for your help in
    advance, Carley

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