10 Replies to “Coach Outlet Shopping Tip”

  1. haha i’m so happy you did this video i ordered a ton of stuff thinking omg
    its almost sold out, i cant believe this deal i’m getting woot woot my
    first coach… and second click add to cart… and third lol i’m happy you
    explained how they are made just for their out lets. will the store carry a
    similar pattern, what is the difference typically other then dust bag and

  2. I would like an invite please. How can I e mail you ?
    Also what do you know about Michael Kors bags and their outlet web page ?

  3. I had no idea about this, every time I go in there, they never have the
    bags from online , they are all different that’s why lol

  4. hi I would like to get the coach invitation online thing. can you please
    tell coach to send to me please. thank you

  5. Ok thanks for the info, however, you said you would provide the coach
    outlet info and your email but its not there!

  6. I have been seeing the same lady Maria Elana I think , and she is in almost
    every comment section on bags calling people out and being rude. Trolling
    people. Pay her no mind.

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